Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another wine-less night in baby-land

Franklin is in his hammock playing the 'it might be my bed time but I'm not going to sleep until you dance attendance at the bedside for an hour' game. He's a marvellous baby and has his night-time sleeping fairly settled but sometimes he likes to mix things up (like tonight) and change the rules.

So I bounce his hammock and shush, shush and wish there was a cold bottle of white in the fridge.

Although I'm breast feeding exclusively; once I get Frank to bed I can have a wee glass of wine safe in the knowledge that he won't require me until 1am, long after the alcohol has left my bloodstream. Infact I could have 2 glasses in that time frame, such is the current thinking on the matter.

Golly, he's just closed his eyes. My suspected hour of attendance was only 15 minutes.

If the fridge situation was different I could have something tasty to drink at 8:10pm. Not bad going.

Despite us still languishing in the skirts of winter I'm hankering after Sauvignon Blanc. I couldn't even taste it whilst pregnant as I found the acids too prominant but now with the 2009 vintage coming on stream and my palate back to rights (well, sort of) I'm in the mood for minerally, match-stick-y wine.

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