Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forrest Estate Riesling 2008

It appears the wine drought is easing. A funny situation to find yourself in when all around there appears to be a wine glut (mostly 2008 Sav no-one could shift). But there you have it. All we could fit into the redesigned, recession-ed, baby friendly budget was bargain plonk from the discount end of the supermarket stock.

I don't think the budget has changed all that much but I wasn't that bothered for some reason.

So, for that insidious love of a good tipple to creep back upon me suddenly was a surprise.

It appeared in the shape of this excellent Riesling. It was like a little ray of sunshine. The fruit purity surpassing pretty much anything I've drunken all year. It was so assured. Prettily balanced. It tasted like ripe summer nectarines but in a graceful, restrained riesling-y way.

It came from the local off license in my far flung patch of suburban Auckland and cost $17.95 so a little more than we've been paying recently. Still, given the quality very nice value for money.